Revolution of E-Skills with
Participatory Online eXpert system

Digitalization is transforming the world

Automation and digitalisation are transforming the world labour market, demanding urgent reskilling and upskilling of higher education students as future employees.

Empowering students to build up their skills

Last year, EC published the European skills agenda, where one major pillar is dedicated to the development of skills for jobs through dynamic education and training programmes that consider the labour market demands and societal needs. This goal can be achieved also by developing innovative tools, which will empower students to build up their skills.

RESPO X online tool

RESPO X project is intended to exchange good practices in the development of skills using the RESPO X online tool, which supports students in their decisions for the selection of the most optimal training based on their individual educational needs related to future jobs.

An innovative measuring system for effective training

The project RESPO X uses an innovative measuring system that will enable effective training to fill the skill gaps and applies different algorithms to find the tailor-made best-suited training course for each individual. In addition, the project will also focus on the improvement of STEM and environmental sustainability-related competences of students.


The project results will significantly contribute to increased employability

Personal and professional competences and skills of students

The project activities will increase students' personal and professional competencies and skills to become efficient professionals in future jobs. The RESPO app will also contribute to assessing training and lecturer performance to be prepared to engage in the fourth industrial revolution and enhance their communication and digital skills.

The project results

The project results will significantly contribute to increased employability, especially with adequate skilled personnel, which will suit the future working place and business needs. Upskilling and reskilling based on expert system application could make human labour increasingly complemented rather than replaced by new technology. Policy recommendations and guidelines will be prepared with a focus on persuading policymakers about the need to achieve change in the field of upskilling and reskilling students.